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How to Pullup #35 – Assistance Work

Assistance exercises can be a few different things. In this episode, we'll have a look at what falls under the term and how to put them into your training.

Being more specific

You are probably doing upper-body strength work for a specific reason, and that is usually to help do something else. That 'something else' is the more specific exercises and training you should add into your training for assistance work to the strength training.

Supporting Muscles

The other assistance exercises are those that develop secondary muscles that will greatly help the goal.

For instance, doing sled pulls, deadlifts, pushups, swinging, etc... Will indirectly help the pulling, and will also help develop those other muscle groups that aren't used so much in a pull-up...

Adding more stress

You may also want to put in 'finishers' into the training session that adds more stress to the body.

Make sure you do your strength work first, but afterwards, you may want to always finish with a 'finisher' that works your cardio system, stamina, etc... that will help benefit you in other ways.

Make sure that you can recover from all of the training, however. As long as you are fully rested within the 48-72 hours to do the next training session, then it's all good.


Here is a list of a few ideas of assistance exercises you may want to try out:

  • Climb-ups. (Parkour method of climbing up on a wall)
  • Chin-ups (Pull-up with hands facing the other way)
  • Climbing
  • Bouldering
  • Buildering
  • Rope Climbing
  • Koala Climbs (Climbing poles or columns)
  • Brachiation (Swinging on bars)

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