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How to Pullup #30 – Coaching Reality

The harsh reality is that most people never even come close to finding out what they are really able to do. The reality is that very few push past their comfort zone, even less to what they are truly capable of.

As the coach, you need to help people realise what they are capable of and give them the opportunity to reach it. However, sometimes this requires throwing out the rules just going for the ridiculous.


Redefining the impossible is part of your job as the coach. Getting your students to welcome a challenge and enjoy the process is the key to freeing their mind.

Nearly every student I have taught on day one will be shocked at what they have to do when told. But with a little help and encouragement, they walk away at the end of the session having completed more than they would have ever imagined.

That starts the 'reprogramming' steps of throwing out what you know and finding the reality of what their body is really capable of.

Better Prepared

Doing ridiculous challenges and seeing what you are actually capable of doing leaves you better prepared for anything else. It also serves as a benchmark against other things too. You'll find yourself comparing that really hard challenge against what you're doing right now and it'll make you realise that it isn't actually that bad.

Rather than the: "Oh gods, this session of 300 pushups is impossible, what the hell is this!" usual frame of mind, you are now better prepared because you've done other horrible challenges.

This then leads to thinking more like this: "Oh crap, this 300 pushup challenge is going to be tough, but it's nothing compared to that 1000 squat challenge I did! Bring it on!"

Understanding the reality of yourself leads to a better mindset and embracing of a challenge.

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