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1 month ago.
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How to Pullup #29 – Coaching Collab

A quick recap of some of the points from the last video, but also let's also focus on some bits that a lot of coaches fail to do.

We'll cover some ideas around planning, collaborative training rather than competitive training and other bits and pieces too.


Planning is just good. It's something that all good coaches do, regardless of how much time they've been teaching. Planning will make you more confident and professional in your coaching. With the pull-ups training, there are a lot of things to think about too.

Some potential things to consider:

Do you have the equipment for your students? How many students? Can everyone, regardless of ability, do your session? Will everyone be moving, all of the time? If the students rest, how much? Where will they rest? How will they warm-up? Cool-down? Will there be space for everyone? Will everyone understand what they have to do? What if they don't? How will you make sure technique is perfect? How will you make sure the strong, long-time practitioners will improve? etc...

Lots to consider.

Collaborative and Cooperative NOT Competitive

I'm just going to say it, competition in training can be bad. Whenever you introduce an aspect of competing against someone else, the focus becomes about beating that person, NOT the technique, improving your ability or any of the more important things.

Quality of movement is usually the first thing to suffer and a lot of the time will actually end up in injury through poor work.

What is more important, getting functionally more able and a better built human being or stroking your ego to say you beat Joe Bloggs at a particular exercise, under certain conditions at some point?

There are a lot of other sports and disciplines(most!) out there that allow you to compete, this shouldn't be one of them. This is about training smart and becoming the best version of yourself you can be.

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