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How to Pullup #25 – Example 6

'Power' is one of those words that gets abused a little bit... Let's clear up the confusion and talk about what it really means.

Once we understand what power is and how beneficial it is to have it, lets apply it to a training plan and get working towards having some!

What is power

Here's the simple answer... Power is strength + speed. Fast strength. It's using all your strength at the absolute fastest speed you can.

Think about your biggest long jump. You have to push as hard as you can (with all your strength), as fast as you can (speed) to go the furthest distance as you can. That's power.

You can develop power in three ways...

Get stronger through strength training.
Increase you speed with speed training.
Build both strength and speed at the same time with power training.

The double tap

The double tap (and 'dyno' - which uses the feet as well) is about being explosive as possible and using as much power as you can.

The idea is to hang on a lower bar/ledge/wall/edge and pull as hard as you can so you transition to a higher level hand hold.

Double-taps are very useful for reaching positions that are further than an arms-length away.


A warning here. Make sure you thoroughly warm-up properly. You will be doing very dynamic movements with your maximum strength, fast. This is the exact situation which gives the most injuries if not prepared.

Ensure you do a lot of warm-up on the arms and upper body as well as a full-range-of-motion type of warm-up.

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