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How to Pullup #21 – Example 2

We know that strength is still the goal of this program example, so we need to keep on the 'anaerobic' (low rep / high weight) type training.

Remember that 'Intermediate' is just a word and not a rank of your ability or strength. I'm just using it to order the strength-levels required in these examples.

Joint Mobility

Very similar to the first example program. For the joint mobility, let's do all the important joints we will be using. Wrists, Elbows, Shoulder, Spine, Hips. We can follow this with 5 minutes with a foam roller.


Same as the beginner version, 10-minutes of QM (Quadrupedal movement).

However, we will ALSO add in the Bicep and Tricep openers to help warm up the maximum range of motion for the pulling. It will also get us to use the correct muscle groups and torque (External Rotation) for the pull.

See the previous episode for videos and details on these warmup techniques and click on the link below for the StrongFit Youtube channel.

Warmup Specific

2 sets of 2 reps of pull-ups with the Red band. Focus on perfect mechanics and pulling to the absolute top range of the motion.

The Work Sets

Doing unassisted bodyweight pull-ups is the goal here. Let's do 3 sets of 5 reps.

Remember, a full range of motion with no swinging.


After the work-sets, you can add some extra movement practice or train some assistance exercises to improve similar muscle groups or areas of weakness.

Finally, make sure you stretch. This will be addressed to the 'Recovery' videos .

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