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How to Pullup #17 – Programming 2

Now we have a way to measure our current ability step two is to now work out what we have to do to actually get stronger.

Let's talk about your 'working weight' and how much you need to do.

5RM Work Sets

We are going to do five repetitions in our actual training plan for each set. So we need to know what we are able to currently do. Try to only increase each attempt by 1 to 1.5kg each go.

This is similar to the 1RM testing in the last episode, except we are doing 5's instead.

Why 5

Well, simply put, if you do singles, doubles or triples, you are doing pure strength training. If you do more than twenty, you are doing endurance.

Fives are a happy medium that develops are little of everything (but mostly strength).

The image below shows a rough guide to what different repetitions will do. (I know it looks a little complicated and has lots of crazy-long terms, all you really need to see is the top line.)

Check the quality of work

If the quality of your pull-up decreases as you get towards the end of the five repetitions, then you need to stop and count the last GOOD five as your 5RM.

You're only as good as what you put into the work. Don't bother cutting corners because it's only you who will suffer!

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