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How to Pullup #09 – Intermediate 1

So, here we are with the humble body-weight pull-up! In this episode, we will add more detail to the things covered in the fundamentals video.

Type of training

The bodyweight pull-up is arguably one of the oldest and most used types of training in the world. What makes this so good is that it can be used in many, many different ways depending on the type of training you want to do.

The idea is that changing the volume & intensity of the training (number of repetitions or weight/stress of the repetitions) allows us to obtain different results.

On one end of the scale, doing low repetitions at a very high stress less (heavy) allows us to build strength much better. However, at the other end, doing very high repetitions at low stress (light) focuses much more on endurance.

Not Functional

What does 'functional' mean? Well, it means to be able to perform a function. In the loosest of terms, a pull-up DOES allow you to perform the function of a pull-up. However, how useful is that in the real world?

I believe that when the term 'functional' is being used, it actually means to be able to do a 'Real-world useful Function'. Of which, the pull-up is not because it doesn't really allow you to get over/on to the thing you're pulling up on. Just up to your chest.

This is why the muscle-up or climb-up is considered a real functional movement since performing it allows you to get on or over the bar. This is not to say that the pull-up is not useful, far from it, but in my opinion it shouldn't be considered 'functional'.

The next time someone says they do 'Functional' training, think about what the function is and how useful it is.

Full Body Training

All-body training is much more useful than isolated muscle-group training. The body is built to be used as a complete unit, so the more muscles you get involved, the better.

Make sure you add other pull-motion training in that works your entire body too. For instance, swinging, climbing, bouldering, parkour, etc...

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