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How to Pullup #05 – Beginner 2

Simple and easy to use, the banded pull-up has many of the smarter gyms starting beginners off using this method.

Allowing you to actually do the pull-up, on the bar, nearly exactly the same as a bodyweight pull-up, there are lots of reasons to love this technique.

Changing Difficulty

All of the changes you can make on the 'pull-downs' technique, you can do here too.

Changing the number of bands, band thickness, and length of the band.

Assistance Profile

Remember that a normal bodyweight pull-up has the following difficulty profile:

Hard (bottom position pull)

Medium (middle section)

Hard (top of the pull)

However, using the band, this is a little different. Since the band is help much more when tighter, the pull-up profile is more like this:

Easy (bottom position - band tightest and helping most)

Medium (middle section - band still helping, but not as much)

Hard (top of the pull - band now loose and no longer helping)

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