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1 month ago.
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How to Climbup #13 – Full

CLIMBUPS!!! ⬆👆👍🐒🔼⏫⏏🔺⛰🛫🚀

So the previous dozen or so videos have all been leading up to this... A proper climbup!

My aim of all these videos was to show you how this technique can be scaled to any ability level and allow anyone to start structuring their training to overcome this movement.

It's a particularly tricky movement to master and getting the correct mechanics and strength levels to do it will take time... But is achievable for ANYONE. Yes, that means YOU!

Side note... I always chuckle at movies that have the hero dangling from one arm of a building/cliff, holding someone else in the other and they manage to do a climbup with that other person on them... Pffff... Do they KNOW how hard that would be?!? Anyway, make sure that you maintain the strict technique.. no one elbow and then the other... You're just fooling yourself, no one else.

Have fun and enjoy the climbups!

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