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1 month ago.
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How to Cat Pass #13 – Running Two Foot

Running two-foot Cat-Pass

Going back to the Cat-Pass for a minute, we're looking at the running trajectory of the run up.

The key point is to NOT hop or jump into a two foot position before the Cat-Pass. This will mess up your trajectory, momentum and positioning.

1.Don't hop into the two-foot position. Instead, you need to bend down and change you body position height to be lower, so that you have an upwards trajectory coming UP to the box.

  1. Lower yourself by bending the knees a little as you approach the Cat-Pass. This puts you in the same lower position as if you had jumped into it (the wrong way).

  2. The main way to tell if you're doing it right is that you can feel that the momentum from the run up is actually being used into the Cat-Pass.

  3. Lastly, you should feel like you can take off further back, and quicker... Keep practicing and enjoy! This one is a little trickier to master, but keep at it.

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