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1 month ago.
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How to Cat Pass #08 – Split Foot, 2 Step

Split foot 👣 Cat-Pass 🐈 Progression 3.

Alright, we are getting closer to running into the Cat-Pass now. Let's start taking two steps into the takeoff position before the vault.

  1. The distance you step back will probably be less than when you go forward and therefore you will feel like you have to do a small little skip to get into position. This is ok as long as you start getting into the correct takeoff position.

  2. Go slow to begin with and start to speed up as you get more comfortable with where your feet are going.

  3. Make sure you do both sides!

  4. Try to think less about where your feet have to go. Just step forwards with the first step and your body will go into default mode and figure out the step pattern itself.

Have a great weekend and get out there are start training!

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