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How to Cat Leap #02 – Foot Position 2

Cat Leap Foot position.

Simple one today... Positioning of the feet πŸ‘£on the wall when landing.πŸ›¬.

  1. With the body pushing into the wall, the ⬆ higher foot will get a lot more grip and traction so that it will help prevent slipping downwards.

  2. The lower ⬇ foot will help you not slip backwards off the wall if your hands come off.

  3. If you had both feet high on the wall, the pressure from them would be greater backwards... Therefore you are more likely to have your hands rip off the wall and you go backwards onto the floor.

  4. If both feet were low, your hip flexors and abs would be on overdrive and it would be very difficult to use the feet to stay on the wall. Your arms would be doing all the work. Therefore it would be more likely that you would slip down the wall.

This all translates into bigger cat-leaps and will help you to stay on the wall.

If you feel like you are slipping down the wall, try to have the higher foot even higher on the wall. Your body should be pressing it into the wall to maintain traction and grip.

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