Rail Balancing Tips
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How to Balance #06 – Crouching

Crouching on the bar in balance.

Next step is to practice lowering yourself down on the bar by crouching slowly.
Start as normal, turn the first ninety degrees in control with maximum contraction in the quads.

  • Keep full tension in the legs the whole time, do not drop or raise too quickly at any point, otherwise you will more likely to loose balance.
  • Remain on the balls of the foot.
    Imagine your toes were fingers and you should be able to feel like you could grab the bar with your toes. If you are too far back into the middle of the foot you need to shift forwards.
    If you are wear thin soled shoes, you should actually feel like the shoe is grabbing the bar.
  • Make sure both feet move at the same time when turning and don't rush any part! Have fun and try it out!

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