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1 month ago.
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How to Balance #03 – Walking

Balance walking on a bar.

So back to the bar today! Let's look at the mechanics of walking along it.
Try to not just shift your weight onto the front foot straight away.
Make sure that it's in a good position first, then shift the bodyweight afterwards.

Things to think about.

Make sure the foot is straight when you position it down.
When things are rushed, it gets sloppy and the front foot becomes angled along the bar, get out of that habit.

Take it slow.

Also, it should be noted that this is for when you're just starting out or when you are in a difficult, uncomfortable position (maybe it's higher than usual).
As you become more comfortable this routine can become more instinctive and will be safer and controlled, but will look like you are just putting you weight straight over the foot.
We are trying to build control and stability, so going slow and managing every movement is important.

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