Balancing 05 – Turning

3 months ago.
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Turning on the bar.

Turning time! So, if you want to really hammer into your system a good turn, you have to do it slow, not missing any part of the turn at all.

Things to consider:

  1. Your arms are going to be doing a lot of the balancing work and should transition from your sides to the front, to the sides again.

  2. Knees are bent and you should have maximum contraction in your quads, hamstrings and glutes. This will stabilise you.

  3. The BALLS of the foot (just behind the toes) are the pivot point. Imagine you are turning on a penny... You don't allow the bar to slip into the middle of the foot. This is because you will lack any ability to control the turn and balancing will much harder.

  4. Make sure both feet start facing the same direction, both feet turn simultaneously, and both feet finish facing the opposite direction at the same time.

This will take a little while to master, but it will definitely enable you to move with more confidence and control. If you feel that you're moving fast, skipping a foot placement or are just wobbly, it's a sign you're not in control.

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